Februar 6, 2022

About Bulls and Bears or how we accidentally organized the biggest ONLINE Blockchain Conference

About Bulls and Bears or how we accidentally organized the biggest ONLINE Blockchain Conference

Warning: Contains freedom of speech, individual mindset, and revolutionary ideas. Do not read if you are offended by any of the before mentioned ideas.

By the end of 2017 Bitcoin hits the roof – BOOM! We have to participate in this bull run. So we invest big style and then realized way too late that we were already, well, way too late. All of us have to learn the hard way. That’s just how it is. Just hodl it. Newbies. Some of you might be familiar with exactly this concept by now. So what to do next? We did not really know about Bitcoin and Blockchain at this time, even though 18 months earlier, my wife had already mentioned that we should maybe buy some Bitcoin. At that time, Bitcoin was at about 800 USD. If only we had… But never mind, now it is too late and we are reading up on the subject. And reading and reading and reading and watching YouTube videos until our eyes are about to go straight and it is only two hours left until work again. Ugh, this topic is quite complicated. It’s obvious: We need a crash course. But drowning in all those scams we couldn’t find what we were looking for. So what now?

First off, we join a local Meetup in Dortmund and discuss frantically while having goosebumps running up and down our bodies. High energy waves are rushing through the room with full force. You can almost touch them. That`s just crazy. The topic surely is a hot one. Okay? I simply grab hold of the event organizer and talk him into doing something related to Bitcoin. Anything with Bitcoin. No matter what. I’m hooked. I quickly realized that he had the know-how and we settled on creating that particular crash course for all the newbies out there. So I’m my own target group, nice one. My perspective is that of a total newbie, while his perspective is more like rocket scientist. So it comes as no surprise that we are not on the same page. It’s not going to happen. No time for it and somehow it’s too basic anyway. There are too many YouTube channels out there, that stir up the market. Just like a rollercoaster on cocaine, always up and down and another loop until you see your breakfast again.

And then there is the Indian Chancellor of the Exchequer saying that Bitcoin is no legal tender in India. So I think: So, just like anywhere else? There is no place in the world where Bitcoin is an official payment method, so what? But the Indians go ballistic and the price drops from about 8000 USD something to 4000 USD something in just one day. Boom. Just like that the shit hits the fan. India is dragging down the Bitcoin price at all international crypto exchanges. I act at once and contact an Indian friend of mine. He has to immediately help me to register at an Indian crypto exchange so that I can buy Bitcoin there, send it to my Bitpanda wallet and sell it right away. That’s what you call Arbitrage Trading. But it doesn’t work. You need to be an Indian citizen, do your KYC and stuff like that. Now I think, my friend should have simply sent me Bitcoin at this rate. But nobody thought straight in all that chaos.

By now it`s clear I am addicted and the market is highly emotional and irrational. Not a good combination. Too volatile. So the question remains what shall I do next? Wasn’t there something about a crash course. But who should actually do it, when we obviously don’t have a clue at all ourselves? The next idea sounds kinda crazy, but as I am the CEO of an online marketing agency specialized in helping startups, I like crazy a lot. Something like a job requirement, I dare say. There is this extremely cool newish event format, called Virtual Summit, that has been around since 2016. Basically, it´s doing video interviews with industry experts disclosing their coolest tips and tricks. No big deal, only that it is. The huge advantage of this event format is that nobody has to move a finger and stop sofa surfing or sipping mocha lattes at their office cubicle at home. So there is a group of like 20+ marketing rockstars talking trash like there’s no tomorrow for several days in a row. All of them joining forces to generate a big wave of warm buzzy hype in order to sell tickets to their audiences for online access to all these exclusive replays.

Awesome. It works. A no-brainer. The idea for our very own Crypto Rockstar Blockchain Summit is born. What’s still missing though, is a bunch of international experts. Oh? Looking at YouTube it seems like everyone has to contribute something misleading to the topic. But since our mission is „education“, rather than scamming people, YouTube might not be our best resource after all. Means, creating a list of our „Dream100“ most desirable speakers, is crucial. Then for whatever reason, all of these really cool contacts kept popping up from out of nowhere, and the lineup practically formed itself with a massive number of speakers still knocking at our doors. Sorry guys, but we only have 30 time slots, O.K.?

The topics we are looking for have to be stunning, exciting, jaw-dropping awesome! We don´t just want any of that usual blah-blah that every other talkative dude on YouTube shots into the aether. Worst of all, being repeated over and over again like a sick mantra: „Now there are only two possibilities: The rate can either rise or drop.“ WOOOT? Really? So if that’s the case with you… Thanks, but we can do without such washouts.

We quickly came to the realization that fundamentally everything is really about Blockchain, not about Bitcoin, and that trading is not really what we want to focus on. The Blockchain technology is what is really interesting about the whole topic, so in the end, we primarily focused on Blockchain startups and ICO marketing. But of course, we also added some more interesting individuals to our exotic mixture of speakers, just like Lyn Ulbricht, who happens to be the mother of the Silk Road founder, that has recently been sentenced to double life plus a bonus round of 40 years without parole. That sentence was based on all non-violent charges. Something that has never happened before in the history of the United States. Even notorious drug barons and mafia bosses got away cheaper. Don´t get me wrong here, no one does want to affiliate with Silk Road – quite on the contrary – but this trial has direct effects on our digital freedom, data security and user rights on the internet.

Then there is this digital minister from Malta, who hectically called me back after our interview and wanted to make another appointment with me because my questions identified a gap in their regulation that they immediately addressed in a rather spontaneous cabinet meeting. So that’s how laws are being made? Interesting.

To wrap it up real nice, I guess you can be in eager anticipation for our event because we’re moving far away from that usual blah-blah and self-praise of the crypto scene. If you want to join three bankers and two sheiks eating shrimps all day, just so that the 2000 Euro for your liberally overpriced ticket is starting to remotely make any sense, you are in the wrong place at our event. We are all about supporting the idea behind Blockchain technology, networking with evangelists who want to change the world and of course offering a future-oriented platform to establish a mixed online and offline conference format. Nobody has to leave their couch in order to learn something new. Nevertheless, we would really like to high five you at our three-day event at the end of November, taking place at the renown co-working space „Startplatz“ in Cologne’s Mediapark, to make the world a better place using Blockchain technology.

In addition to our 20+ media partners from the crypto universe, we just recently established a cooperation with China’s biggest media network, which is linked to 200 news outlets. They will send us two journalists reporting about the event. Welcome to the Crypto-Rockstars universe!

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