Februar 6, 2022

Coinidol.com partnered up with CRYPTO ROCKSTARS

Coinidol.com partnered up with CRYPTO ROCKSTARS

George Gor, CEO of Coinidol.com, the world blockchain news outlet, about the partnership with CRYPTO ROCKSTARS 2018:

„Germany is a land of progress in the field of FinTech, that’s why it’s an excellent place to hold an event like CRYPTO ROCKSTARS in Cologne. A big part of our 1/4 million views per month come to Coinidol.com from Germany. Coinidol.com has written a lot of articles about the attitude of Companies towards Blockchain and Bitcoin in Germany. You can read them here: https://coinidol.com .We hope that the event on 26.-28. November 2018 will give us the information to write even more articles for our readers from 174 countries around the world. We thank Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, team leaders of the Bitcoin Foundation and other key figures of the Blockchain and FinTech industry for being readers and partners of Coinidol.com.

We thank our readers that they trust us. The evidence is up to 11 000 views per day and up to ¼ millions of views per month at Coinidol.com.

We invite all our audience to visit the CRYPTO ROCKSTARS – Blockchain Conference, organized by Thorsten Hunsicker. „

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