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Crypto Bull & Bear | C.B.B. Group ©

A group of entrepreneurial blockchain enthusiasts from Germany, C.B.B. Group ©, provides real value to all members and partners.

Our team has been assembled from a wide variety of backgrounds and years of experience, working in the crypto industry since 2013, and over the years we have been able to build up a lot of experience and connections with well-known partners in the crypto industry.
Security and quality are more important to us than quantity.

C.B.B. Group © represents established projects and startups, providing support and the right preparation for the necessary security to add value to the project and the community.
The investment of the community and the project must be protected.

We have made it our mission to bring projects together, guide and educate the community.
Our goal is not only to share knowledge about crypto, our platform also serves as a meeting point for mutual exchange and development of potential partnerships of crypto projects, launchpad's and communities.

The criteria include strict rules and guidelines for a successful partnership.

In this way, we combat fraud, rip-offs and damage to legitimate projects, with the aim of protecting investors' funds.

In recent years, we have helped many projects to success.