The Company Behind


What are the KryptoNauten and how do they relate to the Crypto Rockstars? Since 2017, the name KryptoNauten® has been hiding a steadily growing community of people interested in crypto in the DACH region. The goal of KryptoNauten is to create a community-driven learning platform specialized in the DACH region around the topic of distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies, which should help to convey knowledge in this complex field in a bundled and as simple way as possible. In addition, we are developing an all-in-one app for all needs of a crypto investor, our KryptoNauten app. Until now, several apps and websites were necessary to get info and knowledge about cryptocurrencies. All these functions are combined together in one app and presented in a clear and understandable way, so that even inexperienced investors can easily get started in the complex world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain!

Crypto Rockstars

The mission of Crypto Rockstars since 2018 is to educate people about current economic trends, social changes and opportunities that blockchain technology offers us. Our goal is to provide knowledge that can be understood by crypto novices and make blockchain accessible to everyone. We focus our key notes and panel discussions not only on cryptocurrencies and investments, but especially on opportunities and possibilities of blockchain technology beyond crypto. At various booths you will also have the opportunity to network and learn about further trends or job prospects in the crypto economy. The 3-day conference with top-notch international speakers and terrific exhibitors creates a networking, matchmaking and educational platform for investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, IT experts, academics, students, media representatives, futurists, philanthropists and the interested public. We showcase blockchain and emerging technologies for a positive and sustainable future. Our optimistic curiosity attracts a community of like-minded people, thought leaders and visionaries. Together with you, we can lay the foundation for a new era of humanity.

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