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What added value do blockchain and distributed ledger technologies offer and what benefits do they create for society? Our keynote speakers will talk about possible areas of application for distributed ledger technologies and what changes they will bring in the future.

We Are Krypto!

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It is important to us that we make the complex topic of blockchain accessible to everyone with trust, simplicity and competence.

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As part of the social community, everyone is shaping the digital transformation that affects us all. Whether in the app forum, the YouTube comment bar, on Instagram or our other social media channels, everyone can contribute to the digital revolution.

Crypto Rockstars Cruise

At our conference, which we have been hosting since 2018, pioneers in their respective fields address the latest innovations such as smart contracts, AI, DEFI (Decentralized Finance), NFTs, WEB3, gaming and much more.

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The KryptoNauten APP brings expertise, transparency and trust to the German-speaking world on the topic of DLT, Cryptos & Blockchain.

NFT Projects

Your chance to create a unique digital artwork with added value.


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CO-Founder & CEO

Luigi Boris Stella

Business Development


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CO-Founder & CTO


Alireza Ektefaie

CO-Founder & CDO

Jonas Grün


Hamza Muhammad



Mike Bludau

Community & APP


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Community Management

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Accounting & HR

Bastian Bielski

YouTube & Community


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Community Management

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