Patron: Mayor Reker

Dear guests,

Welcome to the 2nd international blockchain conference, the CRYPTO ROCKSTARS CRUISE 2023!

The topic of Blockchain has gained massive importance in recent years. Blockchain brings enormous economic and social opportunities and Crypto Rockstars makes them visible.

A lot is happening with this technology. That's why I find it particularly fitting that this year's event will take place as a boat trip, across the Rhine, between Cologne and Bonn.

Dear interested people, digitalization is a whole existential issue for our complex societies. It is so important now to actively connect traditional business and industry sectors, digital economy and the start up scene.

The Crypto Rockstars Cruise 2023 is an important place to meet, inspire and inform in this regard.

In this way, the event can provide the initial spark for new partnerships, companies and products and thus help shape Cologne's digital future. Because it is clear that even if we, as Germany's digital capital, are pioneers in the area of infrastructure and broadband expansion, we must not rely on this interim status. We must continue to push ahead with digitization. And Cologne has the best conditions for this. After London, Paris and Amsterdam, Cologne has the most software developers in Europe. 10% of Cologne's startups belong to the deep tech sector, for example. The city itself is spending around €130 million on its digitization program in 2022.

All this shows: you are in the RIGHT place with the Crypto Rockstars Cruise 2021: in a digital metropolis that has the courage and the prerequisite to transform itself digitally. As the mayor of the digital capital of the Federal Republic and as patron of the event, I wish you a successful conference.

Many thanks to all of you!

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