Crypto Rockstars CRUISE 2023

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You work for TV, radio, newspaper or media? You would like to drive the crypto revolution forward with us in Germany and also accompany the development of the blockchain industry? You are a journalist, editor or publicist for TV, radio or press and would like to contribute to inspire the general public for new technologies? You would like to accompany the event via livestream or conduct your own on-site interviews with exhibitors, speakers and visitors? Then request our media data. No matter if you are a crypto medium, an agency, a TV station, a radio or video livestream or a classic newspaper: We are happy about any media support and accompaniment.

Request media data

We already cooperate with many well-known and popular crypto media, but maybe you miss your logo on our website? Then contact our PR department and let's get active together. You miss some more classical media reporting about blockchain developments? You work in the public or private media sector yourself? Then help us to become even better known to the general public and Let's. Rock. This. Crypto. Revolution. Translated with (free version)

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