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Are you looking for an app that offers all information about cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technologies and blockchain from German-speaking countries? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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True to the saying “knowledge is power”, which goes back to the English philosopher Francis Bacon, our goal is to impart knowledge in this multi-layered field as simply as possible. The knowledge acquired is intended not least to provide people outside the field with the necessary tools to be able to form an independent judgment at all levels of the crypto space.


The center and heart of KryptoNauten is you! As part of the social community, everyone is shaping the digital transformation that affects us all. Whether in the app forum, the YouTube comment bar, on Instagram or our other social media channels, everyone can contribute to the digital revolution.


With our APP, we provide everyone with a 360-degree view of investment options. We offer exchanges, educate about the topic, publish trends, statistics and forecasts and bring together hobbyists, traders and investors and thus provide a beneficial exchange in the investment field.


In our constantly updated news you will find relevant datasheets, press releases, portraits and photos as well as various background information on blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies. Don’t miss any more news from the crypto universe in the future!

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