Crypto Rockstars HERO GENESIS Collection


David Cryptowie

Freddie Mercrypto

Iggy Cryptop

For the Good Cause

NFTs for ALL

Everybody who donated to  ENIDASO during the 2021 conference got an “Cryptostar” NFT  for free.

Enidaso introduces itself

We have been volunteering in Ghana since 2018. Our focus is on the promotion of education. Through regular stays in Ghana, we maintain close contact with all stakeholders. We are supported by our four project partners on site.

Educational project

By means of sponsorships, we support children and young people on their educational path and thus enable them to have a self-determined future. The donors are regularly informed about the donated child.

Our promise

Your donation will be used 100% in the spirit of the association. Any advertising, administrative and transfer costs are financed by the membership fees of the founding members.

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